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Group Theory

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A basic background in linear algebra and quantum mechanics.
Predrag Cvitanović
Teaching method
Two online lectures (recorded) and a homework problem set per week.
Course notes
P. Cvitanović, World Wide Quest to Tame Group Theory; weekly notes, including all problem sets.
B. Gutkin, Group theory and its applications in physics lecture notes.
A few references we have consulted:
Dresselhaus, Dresselhaus and Jorio, Group Theory : Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter (Springer, NY 2007)
M. Tinkham, Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics (McGraw-Hill, NY 1964) - nice book, worth owning.
W. G. Harter, Principles of Symmetry, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy (Wiley, NY 1974)
P. Cvitanović, Group Theory -
All chapter and section numbers refer to the version 9.0 of this book, unless stated otherwise.
J.-Q. Chen, J. Ping and F. Wang, Group Representation Theory for Physicists (World Scientific, Singapore 2002)
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