Alicia S. Tudent asks:
I have a favor to ask of you. I handed in the last assignment late because of some unexpected reasons. Can I still get some points for the late homework?
Predrag's answer:
It's best for both you and us (teacher, graders) that the problem sets are delivered on the due date (usually Tuesday). Of course, the only point of doing them is that you learn something, so if you are - for example - almost successful in integrating helium but there is a bug to fix - tell me what the problem is, and we will most likely be understanding. The same is true if your grandmother just died, or the dog ate your problem set - my assumption is that if you tell me that, it is true.
Rest is common sense: Having other problem sets or exams to do is not an excuse - we all have many parallel obligations. Also, as soon as a solution is handed to the class, your late problem set does not count, unless your solution is much prettier than mine (in which case, we distribute it to the class, and immortalize you on course homepage).