PDF All lecture notes in one file (ver. Jul 29, 2021 - nearly final)


Date Videos Notes Chapter HW due
Mon May 17 PDF  May 15    Course overview
Tue May 18 PDF  Jul 29    Linear algebra Tue May 25
Thu May 20 PDF  Jul 29    Finite groups Tue May 25
Tue May 25 PDF  Jul 29    Group representations Tue Jun 1
Thu May 27 PDF  Jul 29    Character Tue Jun 1
Tue Jun 1 PDF  Jul 29    It takes class Tue Jun 15
Tue Jun 8 PDF  Jul 29    For fundamentalists Tue Jun 22
Tue Jun 15 PDF  Jul 29    Discrete Fourier Tue Jun 22
Thu Jun 17 PDF  Jul 29    Space groups Tue Jun 29
Tue Jun 22 PDF  Jul 29    Continuous groups Tue Jun 29
Thu Jun 24 PDF  Jul 29    Lie groups, algebras Tue Jul 8
Tue Jun 29 PDF  Jul 29    SU(2) and SO(3) Tue Jul 13
Tue Jul 6 PDF  Jul 29    Lorentz group; spin Tue Jul 20
Tue Jul 13 PDF  Jul 29    Simple Lie algebras; SU(3) Tue Jul 20
Tue Jul 20 PDF  Jul 29    Flavor SU(3) Wed Aug 4
Tue Jul 27 PDF  Jun 29    Many particles. Tableaux Wed Aug 4
Tue Jul 27 PDF  Jul 29    3- and 6-j coefficients Wed Aug 4
Tue Jul 27 PDF  Jul 29    Overview. Epilogue  


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