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Group Theory
PHYS-7143     summer semester 2021

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A basic background in linear algebra and quantum mechanics.
Predrag Cvitanović
Office: MS Teams, phone: 404 487 8469, email:
Office hours: Monday 12:30-2:00pm
Teaching method
Two online lectures (recorded) and a homework problem set per week.
The weekly homework assignment will be posted on the course homepage on Tuesday. Please upload the homework to Canvas by next Tuesday noon. Solutions will be posted on Canvas. You can discuss problems with each other, but the solutions have to be executed and submitted individually. Grades will be determined from the homework (70%) -so day-to-day participation is very important- and the final exam (30%).
Course notes
P. Cvitanović, World Wide Quest to Tame Group Theory; weekly notes, including all problem sets.
B. Gutkin, Lecture notes: Group theory and its applications in physics
There is no assigned textbook for the course. A few references we have consulted:
Dresselhaus, Dresselhaus and Jorio, Group Theory : Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter (Springer, NY 2007)
M. Tinkham, Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics (McGraw-Hill, NY 1964) - nice book, worth owning.
W. G. Harter, Principles of Symmetry, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy (Wiley, NY 1974)
P. Cvitanović,Group Theory -
All chapter and section numbers refer to the version 9.0 of this book, unless stated otherwise.
J.-Q. Chen, J. Ping and F. Wang, Group Representation Theory for Physicists (World Scientific, Singapore 2002)
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