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  Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry
Marcus du Sautoy, Economist review
see also Times Online

Papers using birdtrack techniques

Stefan Keppeler
Birdtracks for SU(N)
Judith Alcock-Zeilinger and Heribert Weigert
Simplification rules for birdtrack operators
Judith Alcock-Zeilinger and Heribert Weigert
Compact Hermitian Young projection operators
Judith Alcock-Zeilinger and Heribert Weigert
Transition Operators
Christopher Beem, Madalena Lemos, Pedro Liendo, Leonardo Rastelli, Balt C. van Rees
The N=2 superconformal bootstrap DOI
Miguel S. Costa and Tobias Hansen
Conformal correlators of mixed-symmetry tensors
Stefan Keppeler and Malin Sjödahl
Hermitian Young Operators
Malin Sjödahl and Stefan Keppeler
Tools for calculations in color space
Malin Sjödahl
ColorMath - A package for color summed calculations in SU(Nc)
(check the paper for further references)
Malin Sjödahl
Orthogonal multiplet bases in color space
Stefan Keppeler and Malin Sjödahl
Orthogonal multiplet bases in SU(Nc) color space
Bruce W. Westbury
Recoupling theory for quantum spinors
Yoshimasa Hidaka, Robert D. Pisarski
Hard thermal loops, to quadratic order, in the background of a spatial 't Hooft loop
Adam S. Sikora and Bruce W. Westbury
Confluence theory for graphs
N. J. MacKay and A. Taylor
Rational R-matrices, centralizer algebras and tensor identities for e_6 and e_7 exceptional families of Lie algebras
James F. Blinn
Using Tensor Diagrams To Represent And Solve Geometric Problems
John C. Baez and Aaron Lauday
A Prehistory of n-Categorical Physics
A.G. Grozin
Lectures on QED and QCD, with / SU(N) birdtracks
F. Maltoni, K. Paul, T. Stelzer and S. Willenbrock
Color-flow decomposition of QCD amplitudes
Umut Gursoy
Vector operators in the BMN correspondence
Adam S. Sikora
SL_n-Character Varieties as Spaces of Graphs
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 353 (2001), no. 7, 2773--2804
Ehud Fuchs
The U(1)s in the Finite N Limit of Orbifold Field Theories
Vittorio Del Duca, Lance Dixon, Fabio Maltoni
Gluon colors
E. Gabrielli
Extended Gauge Theories in Euclidean Space with Higher Spin Fields
J. A. M. Vermaseren
Some problems in loop calculations

Some exceptional Lie algebras publications

  Bulk and boundary $g_2$ factorized S-matrices
N. MacKay, B. Short

Beta Functions of Orbifold Theories and the Hierarchy Problem
C. Csaki, W. Skiba and J. Terning

The Octonions
John C. Baez

On the dimension of a composition algebra
M. Rost

  Ein tensorkategorieller Zugang zum Satz von Hurwitz (A tensor-categorical approach to Hurwitz's theorem), Diplomarbeit ETH Zurich (March 1998)
D. Boos

Potts models/e_8 family
Wenzel on Deligne construction of except. Lie algebras
Deligne & Gross Magic Triangle paper
Pierre Deligne's Preprints
Exceptional groups/Luebeck
Nonlinear Sigma/E_6,E_7
Kiyoshi Higashijima, Muneto Nitta
Supersymmetric Nonlinear Sigma Models as Gauge Theories
Konstantin Zyablyuk
N=2, D=6 supergravity with E_7 gauge matter
A.J. Macfarlane, Hendryk Pfeiffer
Representations of the exceptional and other Lie algebras with integral eigenvalues of the Casimir operator
A. J. Macfarlane
Lie algebra and invariant tensor technology for g2
A.J. Mountain
Invariant tensors and Casimir operators for simple compact Lie groups

IHX relation

J. Conant
Fusion and fission in graph complexes
Pacific Journal of Mathematics

Feynman diagrams

R Longoni
Feynman Diagrams and Vassiliev Invariants
Sigurd Schelstraete, Henri Verschelde
A technique for generating Feynman Diagrams

Negative dimensions

Ruben L. Mkrtchyan
On the map of Vogel's plane
Ruben L. Mkrtchyan and Alexander P. Veselov
Universality in Chern-Simons theory
Ruben L. Mkrtchyan and Alexander P. Veselov
On duality and negative dimensions in the theory of Lie groups and symmetric spaces
Alexander P. Veselov
Universal formulae for Casimir values
R. L. Mkrtchian
The Equivalence Of Sp(2n) And So(2n) Gauge Theories
Phys. Lett. B 105, 174 (1981)
Pawel Caputa, Robert de Mello Koch, Pablo Diaz
Operators, Correlators and Free Fermions for SO(N) and Sp(N)
S. Ramgoolam
Comment on two-dimensional O(N) and Sp(N) Yang-Mills theories as string theories
Nucl. Phys. B 418, 30 (1994)
G. V. Dunne
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 22 (1989) 1719-1736
John H. Brodie and Matthew J. Strassler
Patterns of Duality in N=1 SUSY Gauge Theories
Nobuhito Maru and Shinsaku Kitakado
Negative dimensional group extrapolation and dualities in N = 1 supersymmetric gauge theories
Soo-Jong Rey
M(atrix) Theory on the Negative Light-Front
John Brodie, Peter Cho and Kenneth Intriligator
Misleading Anomaly Matchings?
Markus Fulmek and Christian Krattenthaler
Lattice path proofs for determinant formulas for symplectic and orthogonal characters (discusses odd symplectic dimensions)

Planar Field Theory

G. 't Hooft "A planar diagram theory for strong interactions"
Nucl. Phys. B 72, 461 (1974).
A fundamental `birdtracks' paper. Introduced diagrammatic double-line notation for the adjoint representation of U(n). Does not introduce birdtrack projection operators for SU(n) and other groups. That is done in my 1976 paper.
G. 't Hooft "On the phase transition towards permanent quark confinement"
Nucl. Phys. B 138, 1 (1978).
No `birdtracks.' The projection operator for the adjoint representation of SU(n) given in (2.18) is the same as in the above 1976 paper and in, up to a normalization.
G. 't Hooft "Counting planar diagrams with various restrictions"
A very nice paper. Inter alia, rederives my 1981 planar field theory equations, without a citation.
B Lucini, M Panero
SU(N) gauge theories at large N
O. Haan
A Free-Algebraic Solution for the Planar Approximation
M. Araki, Y. Tanii
Ward-Takahashi Identities in Large N Field Theories
Djordje Minic
Curiosities on Free Fock Spaces
Djordje Minic
Remarks on Large N Coherent States
A. Gonzalez-Arroyo, C. Pena
Large N corrections to the strong coupling behaviour of SU(N)/Z_N lattice gauge theories

Zero-dimensional Field Theory, Diagram counting

A. Prunotto, W.M. Alberico and P. Czerski, "Feynman Diagrams and Rooted Maps"
The Rooted Maps Theory, is used for investigating the topological properties of Feynman diagrams, related to the single particle propagator in the quantum many-body systems.
Luca G. Molinari "Hedin's equations and enumeration of Feynman's graphs"
Hedin's equations are solved perturbatively in zero dimension to count Feynman graphs for self-energy, polarization, propagator, effective potential and vertex function.
cond-mat/0401500: Hedin's equations and enumeration of Feynman's graphs,
zer-dim theory2/write?
Zero-dimensional field theory / write?
Negative rank/Hornfeck
Axial Anomaly And Dimensional Regularization - A Review (ResearchIndex)

Group Theory books

Symmetries, Lie algebras and representations,
Jürgen Fuchs and Christoph Schweigert, with many links to literature, Lie group programs etc..
ATLAS of Finite Group representations
ATLAS of Finite Group representations: contains representations of many finite simple groups and related groups such as covering groups and
R N Cahn: Group Theory book
CRM: DR: Simple Lie Algebras
Geometry.Net - Group_Theory books
Symmetries, Groups, Algebras
The Dog School of Mathematics Presents

Group Theory links

GR Group Theory
CVIT - Program for fast calculation of Dirac's <img>-matrices traces
CRM: DR: simpLie
Group Theory
Wild Birds Unlimited: San Jose, CA
Jordan Theory Preprint Archives
Lie Groups and Quantum Mechanics
Membres du Laboratoire Gevrey de Mathématique Physique - Dijon
Superalgebras refs
Group Theory/
Denotations of semi-simple Lie algebras
Theorie des groupes/Jussieu
Xth Oporto Meeting Topology, Goeometry, Physics