DasGroup Windows PDF version prepapration

Dec 10 2002

Downloaded WinEdt version 5
MikTeX 2.1 is available, but I used old installation

cd PUPress ,
removed soft link to

moved book/chapters to book/PUPress/chapters

LaTeX, LaTeX, makeindex (from "Accessories"), LaTeX
but had to manually edit the .toc file (conflict between HyperTeX and PUP macro), prevent LaTeX from overwriting it, add {} to every chapter heading, it was missing
then dvi -> ps (within WinEdt)

Drag the ps file to Acrobat destiller, job option eBook

that seemed to do it!

July 7 2003

Within Linux alone, this seems to produce a perfectly respectable PDF version:

latex book
makeindex book
latex book
latex book
dvips -Ppdf -z book -o
ps2pdf13 book.ps ../WWW/chapters/Webbook.pdf

Have not tried PUP version, though