Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003
From: Pascal Anastasopoulos

Dear sir,
My name is Anastasopoulos Pascal. I am very glad to have studied your book on Group Theory. I find if very interesting and very helpful.
I would like to thank you also for ofering to us (the public) such a work.
However I would like (if it is possible) to ask you to add a little paragraph for the casimirs of the antisymmetric reps of the SU(n).  
I was trying to evaluate the quartic casimir of the antissymetric of the SU(n) and I think is : (n-8) Tr[TTTT]+3Tr[TT]^2 where Tr[TT..] the defining casimirs. I hope that I am right...
Thank you arain
Anastasopoulos Pascal