LaTeX tutorial
					last edit  	11 June 2002
					PC 	16 Sept 97
---------------   How to TeX it

In the main book directory ~$HOME/book  type

	latex book

--------------  Updating a WWW chapter

mkchap is a shell script that will generate the PostScript for a chapter
and compress it, making it ready for Netscape browsing. Determine by

	xdvi book

the range of pages that you want to include in the chapter. Execute

	mkchap f4_family 97-110

to create a file called with pages 97 through 110 

							21 may 1996

Examples of some problems and fixes given at the bottom of this text.


%%%%%%%%%%% equation can be bracketed this way \beq ...\ee{eq_name} :
    i \hbar {\partial \over \partial t} 
    + {\hbar^2\over 2m} {\partial^2 \over \partial q^2}
    - V(q)
    \right) \psi(q,t) = 0

%%%%%%%%%%% equation ARRAY can be bracketed this way 
%%%%%%%%%%% \bea ... \continue &=& .... \label{eq_name}\eea   :
%%%%%%%%%%%			(you tend to forget &=& in the first line...)
Z(k) &=& \exp\left( - \sum_p \sum_r^{\infty} {1 \over r}
        {       t_p^r
              \over \left( 1- 1/\Lambda_p^r \right) }
t_p  &=& z^{n_p} { e^{-\frac{i}{\hbar} S_p + i \pi m_p/2}
         \over {\sqrt{|\Lambda_p|} }}

%%%%%%%%%%% to split a long equation 
try \lefteqn

%%%%%%%%%%% margin comment looks like this:
\PC{Predrag's text printed on the margin:}
\DG{Dorte's text printed on the margin:}
\AJ{Ander's text printed on the margin:}

%%%%%%%%%%% equations, chapters, sections, tables, figures, etc 
%%%%%%%%%%% are refered to by \ref...{type_name}:
manuscript      --->      LaTeX version
table 21.2      --->        \reftab{t_21.2}
(21.5)      -    -->        \refeq{21.2}
For example:
Substitute this into \refeq{schrod} and differentiate.
In the spirit of \refchap{c_ev_oper} we introduce ...
As in \refsect{s_oper} we generate the \reftable{t_haha},
and plot the result in \reffig{f_hoho}. ...
%%%%%%%%%%% manuscript reference like (18.5) becomes \refeq{18.5} 

%%%%%%%%%%% put *.ps, *.eps  figures into directory figs/
A door, a corner, a song ...

%%%%%%%%%%% BIRDTRACKS
if you Netscape to
click on

list of birdtracks 

and click on ''orientation'' ''Landscape'' you will get the list of all
existing diagrams and commands that call them forth

%%%%%%%%%%% symbols in the text  
should always be sandwiched $\cdots$, for example
parameter $a$, $n$-th value of $A$, ...

%%%%%%%%%%% LEARN INDEXING: %%%%%%%%%%%
appendB.tex:\index{billiards!with gravity}

appendHist.tex:\index{Smale S.}

appendSymb.tex:\index{symbolic dynamics}


cycles.tex:\index{periodic!orbit extraction!Newton's method|(}
cycles.tex:\index{Newton's method}
cycles.tex:\index{periodic!orbit extraction!Newton's method|)}
cycles.tex:\index{Henon@H\'enon!attractor!Hausdorff dimension}

%%%%%%%%%%% LEARN BY EXAMPLES: %%%%%%%%%%%
``wrong''                         should have been:

table \ref{Dioph}     ----->       \reftab{t_Dioph} 

\label{Dioph}        ----->        \label{t_Dioph}    (convenient to
                                                       distinguish tables
                                                       by  t_***  label)

...istic equations (17.7), (18.28), (19.  )
                    ----->   ...ons \refeq{17.7}, \refeq{18.28}, \refeq{19.  }

...ine conditions \ref{21.1}
                    ----->       ...ons \refeq{21.1}

single integer m    ----->       single integer $m$

$m \leftarrow\rightarrow\ell$
		   ----->       $m \leftrightarrow\ell$

conditions of chapters \ref{17-20}
                    ----->       ...ons of \refchap{c_g2_family} 
                                 through \ref{c_f4_family}
							(demands detective
							 work to find chapter