Webbook light - seminars, lectures

  Webbook in 20 minutes: in honor of F. Dyson's 80th birthday
Predrag Cvitanović (Exceptional Magic, ``90th Statistical Mechanics Conference" Rutgers, Dec 14 2003 )
Essence of the webbook at a speed of lightning, in 32 overheads

  Birdtracks for SU(N)
Stefan Keppeler (QCD Master Class 2017, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, France 18-24 June 2017 )
A gentle introduction to the birdtrack notation.

  Webbook light, takeout version
Predrag Cvitanović (Georgia Tech Geometry Seminar, Nov 8 2002 )
A pedestrian summary of the webbook in the handwritten lecture notes format

  Webbook sung in 77 minutes, 23 seconds
Predrag Cvitanović (overheads + Rutgers HET seminar streaming video (!), seminar poster) May 18 2004 )
Essence of the webbook in Predrag's monotone mumble

  Webbook medium: Tracks, Lie's, and Exceptional Magic
Predrag Cvitanović (Exceptional Magic, ``Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics and Geometry School'', Les Houches, 18 Mar 2003, 0.7MB )
Most of the webbook at a cyclist pace, in 50 overheads

  Tracks, Lie's, and Exceptional Magic
Predrag Cvitanović, in B. Julia, P. Moussa and P. Vanhove, eds., Number Theory and Physics, Les Houches 2003 Spring School (Springer, New York 2007)
(Les Houches 2003 lecture, 24 Mar 2007, )
The webbook compressed to 27 pages of text.

  Group Algebras, Lie Algebras, and Clifford Algebras
Tony Kennedy (Moscow State University Colloquium, 1997)
On birdtracks and algebras, emphasis on classical groups, birdtrack versions of Young tableaux and spinors.

  Group Theory
Predrag Cvitanović (Georgia Tech HYS 7143 course Fall 2017 )
An introductory course that covers much of group theory that is prerequsite to birdtrack appreciation